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Without a doubt, London is one of the best destinations on this planet. London offers a great learning &
fun environment for students all over the world. London is a city of museums, galleries, science, art,
drama, design, technology, fashion, history, commerce, sports and leisure spots with a deep history that
goes back to Roman times.
We’re all about supporting young people’s learning. This is the city for all ages and a cultural treasure
itself. Especially for the young learners open for learning at any minute.
After the school tour experience, the relationship between teacher and student dramatically improves
and students become more successful. However, organizing a student tour can be very demanding for
teachers. At this stage, with 30 years of travel and education experience, our team is ready to make this
process as easy as a pie for you. Because we would like to make it easy for you and your group to enjoy
a memorable travel experience here in the U.K. and Europe.
Our easy-navigate and interactive web site will help you in giving some ideas of your educational and
exploration trips for your students. You may also check our blog pages written by the group leaders and
Tourope UK’s personal and bespoken service continues to be an integral part of our company. We are
committed to helping you every step of the way to plan and prepare your school tour.
Browse our comprehensive itineraries and the must-see destinations organized by different categories
and get inspired by your school trip with Tourope UK. It could never be easier to organize school trips
around a particular curriculum topic and to visit key locations and attractions in England. Tourope UK
can give you advice and support in arranging your school trips that your students will never forget.
We aim to build the next generation of world citizens in a world capital that provides endless
opportunities for young learners.
London is a popular destination for international incoming groups. Schools Into London's established
British Culture blended tour programs provide teachers with total flexibility in terms of destination and
subject matter.
Our wide range of excursions can be adapted to all learning requirements. Our experienced tour
planners will ensure that every aspect of your tour is perfectly organized from the moment you arrive at
London airport until you leave.
Our English host family community in London’s prominent district of Richmond is ready to host our
visitors from all around the world. Our overseas visitors enjoy every moment of staying in English homes
by immersing the true British and English culture in many ways. Our families are ready to share meals,
manners and of course the love in their beautiful country houses.
Discover the operational advantages of a London based agent. Get the utmost service from a
professional company. And of course, if you have any specific questions please do get in touch and we
will be more than happy to help either over the phone via email.

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