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1- Tourope UK will provide a transfer service based on customer information.
2- No refund will be given in the event of early flights and discretionary single transfers by taxi or other
means of transport.
3- The following additional waiting fee will be applied in the event of any delays Up to 1 hr = No charge
will be applied:
Up to 2 hrs = 20% of the one way fee
Up to 3 hrs = 30% of the one way fee
Up to 4 hrs = 40% of the one way fee
More than 4 hrs service will be cancelled no refundable fee will be returned
4- Tourope UK is not responsible for the customer side delays and no refund will be returned in the event
of any service failure.
5- Tourope UK is entitled to make any changes to the operation
6- The transfer route is defined by the driver's initiative.
7- In the case of cancelation, a written statement must be e-mailed to the office of Tourope UK no later
than 24 hours before the operation. No show fee of 30 percent of the total amount will be applied after 24
8- The date and time of arrival shall be considered as cancelation criteria as well as other modes of
9- Customers are responsible for informing Tourope UK of the exact number of participants and the
number of bags. Tourope UK is not responsible for service failure due to lack of information.
10- The service will not be available for any extraordinary situations like natural disasters, war situations,
strikes and other unusual cases and half of the total amount will be refundable.
I accept the terms and conditions above

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